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Noble Rot

Burgeoning Friendship, Shared Passion

Where have all the wine bars gone? That’s where it started really.

So many great restaurant winelist’s; so many fantastic craft beer bars in this city, but after Blair closed Vivo not one ‘out and out’ wine bar. Something had to be done…

Josh & Maciej met in 2012 while studying the WSET Diploma. An incredibly challenging professional wine course. Many late nights studying/tasting/drinking ensued. Naturally friendship develops, that’s one of the things about wine. With pretty different backgrounds between them, a similar palate, and the thirst for knowledge; the seeds of Noble Rot began to germinate.

Budburst itself took place over a bottle of middling Burgundy in the back of a BYO restaurant in Auckland in late 2014. Fresh from the glow of WSET graduation, the lads hatched a plan. How to translate a passion for wine; Its simplicity, beauty & individuality; It’s ability to pair with food, and most important of all, the unique ability in the best bottles to translate a sense of place. How to tell that story, without the pretentiousness, exclusivity and formality of days gone by. A vibrant, welcoming space for experts, winemakers, enthusiasts & novices alike. A space to share wine.

While all this percolated, the tasting group got bigger. Another opinionated wine lover, JP, became a regular member. Again similar palates, lively debate. He’s alright they thought, and more importantly his partner is a chef and  a pretty good one! A trip to Martinborough and a late night surrounded by vines on Ata Rangi Estate, and Amy & JP had joined the band. Things were clicking into place. We just needed a site…

A few months of futile searching followed. A bit like searching for a vineyard maybe. Patience was required, and tested. The usual story, hope, anticipation, disappointment. We buoyed each other with talk ‘when we find the right site we will all know’. Then fate played a hand. One of the great wellington hospo sites became available. It had great bones, and so many stories contained within its walls. We knew. From there the hard work truly began. The space has been transformed by our own hands, Blood, sweat and tears. Literally. But as we write this a week out from opening. The realization of a dream is palpable. The year of imagining and planning is behind us. We are so excited to share Noble Rot with you all.

Noble Rot - Est. June 2016